BBY Claims

SEGC has now paid most claims in relation to BBY Ltd (BBY) that have been allowed by it. If you are unsure of the status of your claim on the National Guarantee Fund (NGF), please contact SEGC on (02) 8216 0231 or at


Deadline for lodging claims

Subdivision 4.3 claim

On 14 June 2016, SEGC published a notice advising that, whilst subdivision 4.3 claims are
generally required to be lodged within 6 months from the day on which a claimant
became entitled to make its claim, the Board of SEGC is open to considering any such
claims received from BBY clients on or before 31 July 2016.

To see the Notice please click here

Subdivision 4.9 claim

On 19 June 2017, SEGC published a notice calling for lodgement of subdivision 4.9 claims
against the Fund by 20 September 2017.

To see this Notice please click here


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