Christmas & New Year Period office hours

The SEGC office is closed from Monday 24 December 2018 to Monday 4 January 2018.

The office will open on 7 January 2018.

What is Securities Exchanges Guarantee Corporation Limited (SEGC)?

SEGC is a company limited by guarantee which was incorporated in 1987 to be the trustee of the National Guarantee Fund (NGF). The sole member of SEGC is ASX Limited. 

SEGC administers the NGF in accordance with Division 4 of Part 7.5 of the Corporations Act 2001 and the Corporations Regulations 2001 and holds the assets of the NGF in trust for the purposes set out in the legislation.

The SEGC Board is made up of directors experienced in commercial matters involving the securities industry. Further information about the board of directors is given in the Annual Report.

What is the National Guarantee Fund ?

The National Guarantee Fund is a compensation fund available to meet certain claims which arise from dealings with participants of ASX and, in limited circumstances, participants of ASX Clear Pty Limited (ASX Clear). Further information about the types of claims which can be made is given in the Annual Report and NGF Information Booklet.

When the six State stock exchanges merged in 1987 to form the national ASX, the assets of the fidelity funds of those State exchanges were also merged to form the NGF. Up until March 2005, SEGC provided investor compensation and clearing and settlement support in the circumstances set out in Part 7.5 of the Corporations Act. On 31 March 2005, the NGF was split by a payment out of the NGF to ASX Clear which then assumed sole responsibility for clearing counterparty risk. As a result, the NGF now only covers investor compensation in relation to the ASX.

Payments from the NGF may only be made in the circumstances specified in the Corporations Regulations. Such payments include the costs of investigating and settling claims, and the administration costs of SEGC and the NGF.

SEGC Board of Directors


Information about making a claim and deadline for lodgements for compensation from the National Guarantee Fund can be found here.

SEGC estimates it will pay allowed subdivision 4.9 claims in late October (we had originally estimated late September but this has been revised). Payment of the full amount is subject to a number of matters, including no circumstances arising which may lead SEGC to believe it may become liable to make payments exceeding the $11.4 million cap.

For the latest BBY Claims Update, please click here.

Minimum Amount

The Board of SEGC has determined a new minimum amount for the NGF of $100 million. The new minimum amount came into force on approval by the Minister on 3 November 2015.